From Painful to Pain-Free in Just 90 Days.
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Say good-bye to pain.

We take care of athletes at the highest level and apply those same concepts and techniques to people who are struggling with pain on a day-to-day basis. Our care focuses on eliminating pain and ensuring the prevention of injuries so you can feel your best and live without limitation.
We help with...

Dr. Travis Stewart, Owner MUV Chiropractic & Yoga

"You don't have to live a life of pain"

As a society and culture we are not properly educated on the cause of our chronic pain. Other services and modalities either provide temporary relief, don't focus on the root of the issue, or simply just mask the symptom. They are missing a massive component to getting real, lasting results.

If you do not address your postures and patterns, you will likely end up right back where you started.

That's why I developed an innovative and holistic 90-day program that re-enforces the Chiropractic adjustment with high level neuromuscular re-education (corrective and restorative movements) so you can eliminate pain from the source.


Don't buy into the idea that getting older means falling apart. I’ve seen how tough it can be when you have constant pain restricting what you can do and how it can alter every aspect your life.

That's why I am proud to guide you through this personalized program where I will provide you with the tools and knowledge so you can take your health into your own hands and live without limitation.


From professional athletes and stay at home moms, to the busy working professional, you too can participate in life without pain and perform your best.

Can't wait to serve you, see you soon. 

Chiropractor Boulder co

Transformation In Just 90 Days

Reach your goals with a 90-day customized care program that includes:

What is Causing Your Chronic Pain?

While every case is unique, we have found the root cause of your challenges almost always comes from:

Your Postures and Patterns

 Poor posture causes us to develop unhealthy movement patterns which breaks down our "parts" causing pain and discomfort. Watch the video to learn more:






We solve your challenges by educating you how to:

posture restoration boulder co

Restore a Strong Posture

posture restoration boulder co

Re-Pattern How You Move Your Body

posture restoration boulder co

Mobilize and Strengthen Parts

Real People, Real Results

Your friends won't recognize you.

What will your story be...?

chiropractor boulder co
"I’m so grateful for my experience at Muv Chiropractic. I came to them with lower back pain and frustration around my reoccurring shin splints. Not only did they solve my problem, they taught me practical solutions to implement in my life long term.

"Join the MUV-Ment."

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chiropractor in boulder
chiropractor in boulder
chiropractor in boulder

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