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From Painful to Pain-Free in Just 90 Days.

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Boulder's Most Detailed Exam and Your First Adjustment

Guaranteed to Find the Root Cause of Your Challenges

Digital Posture & Squat Screening

Chiropractic Analysis

1 on 1 Consultation

Analyze the health of your posture and discover the patterns in which your body may be compensating and imbalanced

An in-dept look into the health of your spine and locate any dysfunction 

A needs based and goal-oriented consultation that puts you at the center.

Functional Movement Assessment

Full Dr.'s Report of Findings

Your 1st Adjustment

Uncover the limitations and deficiencies in your movement abilities

Receive the education to understand your challenges at the deepest level with a personalized game plan to put them behind you

Experience the Chiropractic Adjustment at the highest level from one of our top-rated Chiropractors 

Transformation In Just 90 Days

We Specialize in 90-day customized care programs that include:

As seen on the news...

What will your story be...?

chiropractor boulder co
"I’m so grateful for my experience at Muv Chiropractic. I came to them with lower back pain and frustration around my reoccurring shin splints. Not only did they solve my problem, they taught me practical solutions to implement in my life long term.

4688 Broadway St., Boulder, Co 80304

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