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Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga in Boulder, CO

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Vinyasa yoga is a form of yoga that moves at a fast pace compared to Hatha or Yin yoga. This form of exercise offers a wide range of health benefits, both physical and mental. At MUV Chiro  & Yoga in Boulder, CO, we offer intermediate Vinyasa yoga in Boulder, led by a professional yoga instructor. Whether you’re looking to practice yoga to reduce your stress levels or increase your physical activity, our vinyasa yoga intermediate classes are perfect if you’re already familiar with vinyasa yoga. Call MUV Chiro & Yoga today to learn more.


What Is Vinyasa Style Yoga? 

There are multiple styles of yoga, from those that focus on breathing and centering yourself to more athletic, “power yoga” or “flow” types. Vinyasa yoga is led by an instructor who calls out a series of poses that flow together. Students hold the pose for a couple of seconds to about half a minute and move from one to the next naturally, using focused breathing as they engage in each pose.

A familiar series of poses may be a sun salutation, wherein, depending on the poses called by the instructor, you move from a standing “mountain” pose to a bend, then to a “plank” pose, then to a “cobra” or “upward facing dog” pose, where you are lying on your stomach and pushing your torso up with your arms. Then, the flow moves to a downward-facing dog, with feet and hands planted on the ground and derriere in the air. Then, the students move to the top of the mat, back to the mountain pose, and start the flow again. The emphasis is on slow, steady breathing as the body flows from pose to pose.Other forms of yoga focus on static poses with deep breathing or meditative poses.

Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Regular practice of Vinyasa yoga yields multiple benefits. You may find surprising mental and physical advantages of yoga, including:

  • Improved range of motion. As you develop greater flexibility, you may find that you’re able to enjoy better movement with less muscle tightness.

  • Better balance. Falls are a deadly danger to older adults. Improving your balance when you’re younger and continuing balance work as you age can help reduce your chances of a fall when you’re a senior.

  • Increased lung capacity. Yoga breathing helps strengthen your diaphragm and overall lung capacity. As you make deeper breathing a habit, your lungs can deliver more oxygen-rich blood to your body. You may even notice a reduction in your asthma, bronchitis, or COPD symptoms.

  • Joint-friendly cardio exercise. As you flow from pose to pose, you boost your heart rate just as you would in a cardio session without the harsh impact on your joints.

  • Lower your stress levels. Yoga’s focus on deep breathing and establishing a mind-body connection can help lower stress during and after practice. As you learn deep breathing techniques to help calm yourself, you can also use them in daily life. When your boss makes you mad, focus on yoga breathing to soothe your nerves and reduce your heart rate. Less stress means better overall health. 

  • Better posture. You’ll strengthen your back and core muscles, helping you sit properly and stand up straight. Good posture means less muscle soreness and strain on your joints.

  • Greater flexibility. You move and stretch and gradually become more flexible when practicing yoga regularly.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow Sequences at MUV Chiro & Yoga in Boulder, CO

Each Vinyasa yoga class features a flow sequence, usually multiple flow sequences, each one aimed to yield a different physical or mental benefit. Many classes open with a “sun salutation” to get the class moving and the muscles warmed up. As the class progresses, the flows typically get more targeted.


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A flow for balance may include standing balance work, like a tree pose or eagle pose, flowing from standing on one leg back to standing on both in a mountain pose. Or, the instructor may work on other forms of balance poses, focusing on the core or the hips.

Flows for the abs and core may focus on more seated or kneeling positions or those involving lying on the stomach or back and engaging the abs or lower back. Or perhaps you want to specifically target other needs, like poses to aid digestion or improve the strength of your pelvic floor. There are Vinyasa flows that help with these needs, too.

Many vinyasa flow sequences can be modified with the aid of yoga blocks, straps, a rolled towel, or even a chair. If you’re recovering from an injury or have a limited range of motion for certain poses, you can still participate within your comfort level.

Is Vinyasa Yoga Okay for Beginners?

Yes. With modifications to more advanced poses or a yoga class with flows specifically designed for yoga novices, people who have never set foot in a studio can find a class they can follow and one that moves at the appropriate pace. Yoga instructors teaching beginner classes explain how to perform each pose and what some unfamiliar terms, like “Savasana” (the corpse pose at the end of class) or “Chaturanga Dandasana” (like a reverse push-up) mean. The purpose of a beginner flow yoga class is to get you comfortable with the terms and movement because yoga truly is for everyone.

During your standard Vinyasa yoga class at our Boulder clinic, you’ll learn easy, common yoga poses and proper breathing techniques. The sequences move more slowly, allowing you to master each foundational pose and enjoy deep stretching. You’ll also receive personalized guidance and adjustments for each pose as needed so you learn the proper form and avoid injury.

Once you master the flows in the beginner or standard Vinyasa classes, you’re ready to move on to “power Vinyasa” or our intermediate Vinyasa yoga flow classes.

Are You Ready to Start Your Vinyasa Yoga Class In Boulder, Colorado?

Breathe and stretch your way to better health with our exclusive vinyasa yoga classes in Boulder, available only to our members. We offer two types of vinyasa yoga classes, standard and intermediate, to perfectly match your skill level. To join our community and start your journey with vinyasa yoga, book your new patient initial evaluation exam today. Visit us online or call our studio for more details on how to become a member and enroll in your vinyasa class. Namaste!

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